So my best friend Anna returned to Brazil recently, and as a last ditch effort to see her before she left I dragged her on my scouting trip for an engagement shoot I had the following weekend. Anna, good spirited as always, happily accompanied me as we felt out the area. Originally it was purely meant to be a scouting trip to check lighting, find good back drops, etc. But in the end it turned into its own special adventure that I will always treasure.

We laughed and joked as I took Anna's photo. We skipped and ran and she diligently followed the orders I'd randomly spout: "Stop there!", "Don't move!", and "Hoooold it...", a few among the many I threw out there. 

I took so many photos that the adventure turned into a full fledged shoot just on its own. I'm so thankful that it did too because the photos I captured during that evening were, not only some of my best work to date, but also will always be close to my heart. I feel that I was able to eternally capture Anna's soul and inner beauty through those photos.