During the summer of 2015, I traveled to Spain for a Communication Arts: Digital Storytelling for Social Change program. There were 7 of us total in the Communication Arts program and we had classes Monday-Friday with scheduled excursions on weekends. Everyday was like a new adventure; whether that was trying out a new bakery or figuring out how to get to school. Each moment was filled with wonder and exploration. Getting lost became a part of my everyday life. But not to worry, I always found my way home... eventually. 

While in Spain, my media teacher tasked my group and I with creating individual videos about topics important to us. We were told that we could use any public imagery or our own photos; that we must have sound; and that we must record our voices in narration for our videos. While our teacher gave us the tools to create our videos, he left it to us to actually compile and edit all of the media. By the end, each of us had created something wonderful about a variety of topics. On our last day we each revealed our videos to our group and several adults sponsoring our program. It was a magical unveiling.

As for my topic, I will leave it up to your interpretation and I hope you enjoy the video!


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