I recently completed a project for my photography professor for which I was required to listen to a sound she provided and then go out and take pictures based on my interpretation of that sound. And I gotta say, it wasn't easy. I got so flustered trying to interpret the sound that I freaked out. I felt like I couldn't take photos until I had a concrete idea of what I was going to do. Luckily, my best friend gave me some very good advice: "Take a deep breath and just go take some pictures." She told me that I just needed to take pictures that embodied the feelings that I had for the project. I needed to let go of my desire to make them perfect or impressive. I only needed to be myself. So I went out and took pictures. Pictures of weeds. Pictures of how weeds root themselves deep and try to take over. 

Once I started taking pictures, I forgot all of my worries and it was easy to just let loose and relax. It was a wonderful reminder of why I take pictures. I take pictures for myself. Because it feels good to create something that people can connect to. It reminded me that no matter what, if I just keep taking pictures and reaching for my dreams, everything will sort itself out.