When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.
— Ansel Adams

Art is often accompanied by feelings. As viewers we interpret art with feelings, senses, words and ideas that come to mind as we experience art. As creators we often have a feeling or idea or message that we create art around. As individuals we all interpret the feelings, ideas, words, and senses that accompany art differently. Despite that, we often recognize, understand, and sometimes agree with others' opinions and interpretations of art. But all of our experiences of art will always be different and that difference is beautiful.

This concept of unique interpretation was the jumping off point for the Ideas Project. The Ideas Project can also serve as a creative workflow warm up for all artists. Keep in mind that I didn't chose these images because they are my best images but because they speak to me the loudest. This project is about the importance in what you get from the photo, not the visual appeal of the photo itself. 

The Ideas Project starts with words. And this project started with approximately 60 words compiled by about 18 different artists. The words had to be abstract, up for interpretation, and vague. This was intentional to make us think and explore the words and how they can be visually represented. Three words are chosen out of a hat. We, the artists, are given two days to go out and take at least 50 photos in response to one or more word. On the third day we are asked to pick our favorite three images. Then we start all over. This continues for four rounds total.

Our first three words were softness, space, and adventure. I chose to explore space. The space we occupy, the space create between one another, and the space we intentionally leave between ourselves and others.

Our second round words were peculiarity, loneliness, and youth. I chose to examine loneliness. Loneliness can be defines as "to be sad due to isolation" or "isolation itself." It makes me wonder if loneliness has to be sad or if it can be a nostalgic emotion...

Round three words were reflection, wisdom, and speed. Reflection spoke to me the strongest. Reflection of who we are, what we see in the mirror, what we feel inside. How our space is a reflection of us and how we change that space every day.

Our three final words were Bravery, Fragility, and Touch. And my question is what connects them? Is is the spirit, or instinct? Both? Nevertheless, I believe they are all connected...

I highly recommend that you attempt the Ideas Project for yourself with words you and your friends and family come up with. This project can be applied to any art form and is a great quick warm up for the brain and creative flow.