It is estimated that over one trillion photographs will be taken this year alone. 75% of those photos will be taken with cell phones. They are the coffee, pet, and selfie shots that we all have on our phones. But what happens after that. Those millions of photos mostly just sit in our phones or computers waiting for whatever comes next. Today, what comes next is a response. 

The following diptychs started out as compositional responses. I took a photo and then responded to that photo on a scanner bed. But as I created my responses on this new apparatus, I realized that there was more. More to my responses. I wasn't just complimenting the photographs' formal qualities. Under the initial similarities, my response consisted of my personal, subconscious reactions and intentions.

Just like all art, this isn't just meant to be pretty, it's meant to evoke. Look beneath the surface. Feel. What is your response?