I woke up early this morning, my first morning since I left home. And, instead of curling up in my blankets and reading a my book, I decided that I should take the opportunity to take some photos uninhibited by people. As I tip-toed out of my borrowed room, the silence and serenity of my dad and his wife's home filled me with peace. Lucas, their dog promptly joined me and kept me company as I slowly made my way through the space. Time seemed to stand still, quietly waiting to allow breath and thought. My mind was quiet as I took photos, not worrying about the day to come or the travels ahead of me. I only took photos at my leisure without a care in the world for others or their opinions. It was in that moment of clear mindedness that I came to the realization that -- maybe, just maybe -- I can do this. I can live and function and thrive in a foreign country. I can take care of myself and study while living on my own. And it felt so good to know.

I only hope that these photos convey the tranquility I felt this morning.