When I first planned out this client shoot I was nervous and honestly a little reluctant. My previous shoot had been stressful, but successful. Even so, I wanted this shoot to be smooth and  effortless on top of being successful. I do not believe that work has to be hard or strenuous. In pursuit of my goal, I went out early one morning to scout my location, make sure the light was workable and the space was photo friendly. While I was in the canyon, a sense of pure peace and vibrant life over took me. The quiet of the space, the golden ocean of grass, the sentry mountains watching over me; it all washed over me and swept away my worries. 

On the day of the shoot, my nerves were again on edge, but this time in anticipation for meeting my adorable subjects and getting to know them through my camera. And when the nagging voice in my head said things like what if you dont get the shot, or you’re know you’re an ameture right,  I would take a deep breath of fresh air and center myself bank into the peaceful atmosphere of the canyon. The results were AMAZING. My subjects were silly and playful, cooperative and excited. There was laughter and tears and all of it was picturesque in the way that raw life always seems to be - unfiltered and natural. 

I can’t thank Mr. And Mrs. Rodriguez enough for allowing me the opportunity to photograph their family. You all are lively and pure with a great balance of personalities. I hope to photograph you little ones again someday!

And now for the big reveal! Enjoy.