MONA: The Museum of New and Old Art is a bizarre spectacle well worth the visit. Greeted by strings of mama chickens and toddling chicks, a vineyard, and strange birds I'd never seen before (which I now know are called Guinea Folws), I was delighted. Only five minutes and without even entering the museum, and MONA had already confounded my expectations of museums. But that was only the beginning.

Filled with both contemporary art by popular and up and coming artists as well as wonderful "old" art that was new to me, I discovered MONA is playground for the mind.  The labyrinthian architecture of the building itself forces visitors to wander, double back, and search for art. From bigger than life to small enough to need a closer look, the art on display sparked conversations and wondrous musings among my friends and I. And with many of the artworks being interactive, we were drawn in and captivated. 

My favorite work was Event Horizon by James Turrell. Unfortunately, photographs were not allowed during the experience, but you can click here to learn more about it.

But not to worry I have plenty of other photos from my visit! Enjoy!

In front of this particular piece is a tactfully place bench for visitors to rest on. I cant describe the surreality of sitting with a large number of guns pointed at you. Because they are made of toys and other common place objects, I understood I was in no danger - and yet the urge to duck and cover was unmistakeable... (for a closer look click on either image to enlarge).

Beside Myself:   the color changing hall way  courtesy of James Turrell.

Beside Myself:  the color changing hall way  courtesy of James Turrell.

Needless to say, one day is not near enough time to appreciate all MONA has to offer. Even so, experiencing this contemporary museum with my friends has definitely been one of my favorite experiences here in Tassie.

To check out more of what MONA has to offer click here.