I'd have to say that Bruny Island is one of my favorite places in all of Tasmania. From the picturesque beaches to the most tranquil rainforests, it is a place I will never forget. 

My most memorable experience on Bruny Island is by far walking through the rainforest. I had never been in one before but once I was surrounded by lush vegetation and sweet clean air, I never wanted to leave. I let the group I was with head back without me so that I could take photographs and enjoy the peace and tranquility on my own. Funny enough, I was slow enough that our tour guide had to come back for me and hurry me along, even though he's the one that told me to take my time. I wish we had had more than thirty minutes to spend in the rainforest, but I understand we were on a schedule. 

I hope to someday return, but for now these photographs and my memories with have to sustain my thirst for the rainforest.

Big thank you to my wonderful Tassie Tours guide! If you ever travel to Tasmania, I highly recommend this company. They are polite and wonderfully accommodating.