Color as a Means of Self Expression

Color is a visual phenomenon, and color preference among people can follow common trends, however, personal color and style inclinations are often acutely individualized. This project investigates the color trends found in different people’s closets. I believe clothes and the colors we wear are a form of self expression. To explore this notion further, I asked five models, including myself, to choose three outfits from their closet, thinking about shoes and jewelry as well. I left my instructions purposely vague to increase the possibility of variety in their outfit choices. Their resulting choices not only told me about their closets but their personalities and lifestyles as well. Despite the limited number of outfits, a distinct pattern in preference, style, and color emerged for each model. When asked about their color and clothing choices, the models commonly answered, “I just like this color” or  “this is what I’m most comfortable in.” But when looking at the resulting photographs, it is clear that each outfit allowed for the models to express themselves in a different way. The change in their facial expressions from photograph to photograph, while sometimes subtle, tells the story of how different clothes, and different colors, affect how people feel. As stated in "The Physiology and Psychology of Colour" by Dr Linda Mayer and Prof. Rashid Bhikha,  “Colours have a physiological, psychological and social impact on a person’s health, wellbeing and status in the world” (1).  The final 15 photographs collated in this project provide a glimpse into the effect that the color of one's clothes has on an individual as a means of self expression.


Note: Click to enlarge individual photos.


Shout out to my wonderful models! It was a great pleasure working with you. You guys made this project fun and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you so much!