Sometimes I wonder where the world would be with out talented writers.

Fortunately, for all of us book lovers out there, the world is full of them! And Jessica is one of those wonderful writers. 

I first met Jessica in my sophomore year of high school. She was quiet and a bit eccentric, in love with Buffy the Vampire and writing. As the year progressed we became true friends. Sleepovers and midday meals make up some of my most cherished memories with her. Her gentle honest heart was refreshing amongst all the drama that comes with high school. Her short stories and "in progress" novels awed me. I knew that the world was lucky to have such a talented artist blossoming in its midst.

In her senior year of high school, Jessica honored me by asking if I would take her senior photos. I was ecstatic! Not only was she was my first real client as a photographer, but she was also my dearest friend. We decided that a nearby park would be the best place for her photos and so new memories blossomed. Similarly to most people, Jessica isn't to fond of cameras when they are being pointed at her. But fear not! By the end of our shoot she had relaxed, resulting in the gorgeous photos below.

Today, I think of her and hope that her dreams are manifesting themselves boldly. Thank you Jessica for being my friend and a wonderful subject! :) Love you!!