Raina and I are what you'd call unlikely friends. We had most of the same classes all throughout high school but we didn't really talk or even become friends until our junior year. We had just started to get to know each other when we attended a presentation on "going abroad while in high school." When the presentation ended I asked her if she would go abroad with me. She jokingly said yes, unaware of how serious I was. A few weeks later I started pestering her about filling out the application. Soon after, we were on our way to Spain and to becoming great friends. 

In our senior year of high school Raina asked me to do her senior photos. I was so excited! One, she's my best friend, and two, she is super fun to hang out and explore with. So, several weeks later, Raina and I embarked on a glorious journey of photo taking and goofing around. We played in the leaves and had a wonderful time on that perfect autumn day.

Im so grateful to Raina for being my friend and trusting me and my camera to capture her blossoming beauty. I hope you enjoy!